"Wishful Thinking"

"If you've ever seen Cruz's work, you'll know it's hard to ignore. She is one of Portland's reigning masters of color and pattern. Adriene's creations remind one of the complexities of jazz. Her work resonates with intuitive spontaneity that blends nurturing with life's experience insightfully, while challenging the eye, mind and heart to discover new meanings and relationships."
Randy Gragg's review in the Portland Oregonian

Adriene Cruz, a nationally-acclaimed artist residing in Portland, Oregon, is known for her vibrant meditation quilts. Although primarily a textile artist, Adriene's gifted use of color and design has also garnered attention for work in other mediums created specifically for public art. Her art has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States, and she has been featured in numerous books and publications. All the borders and backgrounds on this site are based on Adriene's art.

Adriene may be reached by email.

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CREDITS: The photo of "Wishful Thinking" is from Art Alexander. This web site was created by Donna Cunningham of Word of Mouth Web Design. All border backgrounds and other elements are based on Adriene Cruz' art.